So, uh. Hi.

If you're looking at this, it's likely because you were curious about something on one of my site bios. Hi.

I promise you, I'm the same person here as I am over there, if maybe a little more careful with my words. It's harder to update things here compared to delete/repeat elsewhere. I also try to be very careful about PII, so you won't find much here until all the minions have moved out of the house.


I had previously asked for financial assistance here for some unexpected bills. Then Alito's opinion was leaked.

So fuck that.

Please send your available funds to abortion providers, abortion seekers, and protest groups seeking to prevent this travesty from occurring.

Even if your religion tells you that life starts at conception, the US is not and should never be a theocracy - and many other religions support abortion. With respect, get over yourself and decide if you want to live in the US you were told about as a child, or a theocracy focused on a very narrow translation of a specific book...

...then ask yourself if your opinion would change if the translation - or even the book - were different.

All the best,

Internet Dad / SordidEuphemism